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Andriana Plange – Inspiration to Break Barriers

Wow! Just Wow! My experience at St. Jude’s is one I don’t think I will easily forget. From hearing the story of bravery and defying odds to breaking down in tears, to empathy, to witnessing girl power to being inspired is definitely an experience of a lifetime. The history of St. Jude’s is one that everyone should hear about. The story of making possibilities in the face of dire and utter impossibilities. The story of standing for impact and against system inequality. I knew nothing about Danny Thomas but after yesterday he is on of my heroes. The story really inspired me to keep pushing and believing in my dreams of impacting lives all over the world. The story gave me courage that there are so many great people with loving hearts whose mere existence saved (and still saving) countless lives–and that’s the person I want to be.

The mission and work at St. Jude’s hospital is really the definition of pure love. A society that is inclusive and truly cares about it’s citizens.

The lesson from yesterday was to believe that anything and everything is possible so long as it impacts the lives of people.

With all the negativity going on in the world, it was a tremendous eye-opener to learn about the great work being done by all the employees and supporters at St. Jude.