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Andriana Plange – Ronald McDonald House

I was super excited for the game night. I love kids especially when they are hyped and engaging. I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that, I was ready to play some games with the children. The first child that come for the game night made a comment that really stuck with me. It made me think. She casually said to us, I cannot spend three days at a hospital because something hit my head so please try not to hit my head during the games. She said, “It sucks to be at the hospital for three days. There is absolutely nothing to do there.” I must say, I had to breathe deeply after this statement from her. I cannot even say I have been at the hospital for a whole day. In that moment I was able to empathize. How does it feel like to have nothing to do at a hospital for three days? How does it feel like to be away from the comfort of your home? Your safe-zone? In that moment, I cannot say I felt her pain but all I can say is that I had a moment of gratitude. I was grateful to God for good health, for my bed and for my home. The “luxury” of being home is something that not everyone enjoys. Even though we see it to be normal, there are so many children wishing that could be their normal.