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Arianna Cooper – Reflection 1

Today was an emotional and intense yet, impactful day. First, we visited the National Civil Rights Museum. It made me upset. The fact that colored people were marginalized from the 1800s, was upsetting because we are in the 21st century and the word “marginalized” can still be used to describe different situations in our everyday lives that we face. There was no fair start in life for us because of the color of our skin and that is unfortunate. The Europeans were the pioneers of the “business” world. They felt that they could put value on a human life and sell it for property like, they were superior. Our ancestors were forced into a trade that they never profited from. However, the “fight” to survive did not stop there. Our ancestors had made wonderful strides and accomplished many however, some of the battles are still prevalent today. They just take a different form for example, the court and the prison system. My question is, “Will it ever stop?”

Secondly, we visited St. Jude’s Hospital. It was really a humbling experience. Throughout the visit, I was on the verge of crying because I couldn’t believe that people go through this on a daily. I always used to see a St. Jude’s Hospital commercial on the television but the visit just put every thing in perspective. Danny Thomas had a vision and executed it even when there were nothing like it around. He had a moral compass and that was very inspiring. That showed me that when you are blessed, it is your duty to take any opportunity to help others. Like one the ladies said, “You can continue living your life or save a life”. I love how passionate the employees at St. Jude’s Hospital are about the mission statement and how real they are. They pride themselves in setting the pace and that is very inspiring and has really ignited a spark in me to not give up on my dreams even, if it seems impossible to others because I know if I love what I do, I will do well at it.