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Darius Darling – Reflection 2

As we head home, I reflect on the highlights of this trip. Our time at the Ronald McDonald House, the Civil Rights Museum, St. Jude’s, and Door of Hope all come down to this simple concept: gratefulness.

I am grateful for everything that I have. A place to live, my health, my rights and so much more. I am also grateful for the people in the world who give, research, and work everyday to end the worlds most pressing issues (homelessness, poverty, cancer, social justice, etc.,). I am grateful that my God has given all of us the abilities to do what we do so that lives are impacted beyond our own. I am grateful for our donors and supporters who graciously sponsored this group of students and support staff to do something new and fresh. It is with a grateful heart that I thank Ms. Lisa Givan and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion for the planning and execution of this experience.

In closing, my charge to each and everyone of you reading this post is not to take lightly the opportunities we have. There are so many people who wish to have half of the opportunities that we enjoy. We must remember to check our privilege and understand if it had not been for the mercy of God, we would be in very similar situations to most of the people we have encountered this week.

Gratefully submitted,

Darius D. Darling