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Reagan Hegg – Reflection 2

  • I’m going to lead with it was a tough day
  • We started off at the national Civil Rights museum, which goes back to 1619, and goes all the way to the present. There’s two take away views that I see from the museum:
  • How far people have come through the years which is the good way to look at things or the sunny side.
  • That people were treated that poorly, and were that cruel to each other, and in places still are that cruel and unequal, and this is the harsh reality side.
  • St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital:
  • We got the history behind St. Jude’s, and how when they opened in 1962, they were an all-inclusive hospital, in a city that was still segregated, which was amazing to think about especially after being at the civil rights museum earlier and seeing what else was going on at that time.
  • Walking into the hospital after taking picture in front of the hospital with the banner, we saw Dossin being pulled in a wagon by his dad after chemo. I think that hit everybody because literally the evening before hand we were playing with this kid who looked so worn down and almost lifeless after chemo.
  • To end the tour, we went to the teen art gallery, that’s when I couldn’t keep it together anymore. If you ever have a chance to walk through it, please do, and look carefully at the details that those teens put into their paintings. That’s how they express themselves and how open some of them are is unbelievable.
  • After our tour, we went to ALSAC which is the charity side of St Jude’s. One of their employee’s who used to be a St Jude’s patient came in and shared her story with us. Starting with before she was diagnosed, after she was diagnosed, through today working at ALSAC, and everything that St Jude’s had done for her along the way.
  • After going back to the hotel and relaxing we went down to walk around Beale street and decompress.